Jul 18, 2011 10:27 PM by John Romero

Man wakes to find bear in his kitchen

Griffin Smith and the family cat were just waking up for breakfast in their west Colorado Springs home. When they walked in to the kitchen he realized he wasn't the only early bird. "I saw my cat really puffed up and he looked unhappy so I wasn't sure what was happening." he explains, "I looked at where he was looking and there was a black bear standing by the dog food bowl in our kitchen."

Griffin hid in his room as a large male black bear took up residence in the Griffin house. Officials with the Colorado Division of Wildlife say the bear was likely attracted to the scent of bee hive materials and open trash cans.

It's a feeling Smith's neighbor Charleen Miller knows all too well. Her son had a run in with a momma bear and her cubs as he was playing in the front yard not too long ago. They nearly head a break in as well. "We came home one evening and this is what we found." she explains while pointing to a print on her garage, "I believe it's a bear paw and the claw marks where it was trying to get in to our trash cans in the garage." Since then, the Millers have become extra careful. "I made sure I double locked the garage with all kinds of gadgets." she says.

As for Griffin, he's just glad the bear didn't want any part of him. "It seemed to be more interested in the dog food than me." he says. He repeatedly made calls to the family's home hoping to scare off the bear. Luckily it worked, leaving Griffin with a valuable lesson even Winnie the Pooh knows. "We will probably... Well definitely put away the bee hive stuff so it isn't just left out." he says with a laugh.



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