Nov 8, 2011 12:34 AM by John Romero

Man watches as brother is arrested after standoff

22 year old Henry Armijo, wanted for stealing several guns, was holed up inside an apartment building near Vickers and Union Tuesday evening. "He did not come out. He would not come in to contact with us but it was confirmed he was inside the apartment." explains Sgt. Dennis Juhl with CSPD.

We spoke to Armijo's brother Fabio who lives in the apartment. He and his mother say they knew Henry was using drugs and on the run from police. They tipped off police to where he would be. "He wasn't supposed to know. The cops are going to come knock on my door and I was going to turn him in." says Fabio, "Yeah that's a (expletive) thing to do to my brother, but (expletive) I want him to get clean."

But when police came to the door, Fabio says the plan changed. "I came out side. (Police had) shotgun and handguns in hand and I was waived to come down to somewhere else." he says.
For hours police communicated with Armijo though a bullhorn, trying to get him to surrender. Fabio was angry at how the operation was handled and tells us his brother wasn't armed. But police when you consider the charges, you can never be too careful. "To put officers in danger of someone that may be armed... We're not going to unnecessarily do that." says Sgt. Juhl.

Eventually 22 year old Henry gave himself up peacefully to police. Now as he's facing major felony charges. His brother just hopes everything will work out for Henry in the end. "We just want him to do good. We just want him to be in there (jail)." explains Henry, "Yeah, he's messed up, you know what I mean. But everyone messes up." And as his brother was hauled off by police, Fabio had these words for Henry. "I really do hope you get clean, because I really do love you bro."

Henry Armijo is facing charges of 1st Degree Burglary. He is being held on a $25,000 bond at the El Paso County jail.



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