Aug 3, 2014 7:13 PM by Lena Howland

Manitou recreational pot shop concerns locals

It's the first weekend for sales of recreational marijuana in Manitou Springs.

Maggie's Farm opened its doors at precisely 4:20 Thursday afternoon near Manitou's busiest interchange -- Highway 24 and Manitou Avenue.

People just couldn't wait to get in the door during the opening weekend of this shop.

"Opening day, it was probably about an hour and a half to two hour wait, but it's been a consistent line," Corey Hulse, Citadel Security Regional Manager said.

The first recreational pot shop in El Paso County hired a private security company for traffic control, as part of a courtesy for locals.

"We haven't had any issues whatsoever with the traffic backing up out on the highway or here in the parking lot or in front of the Loaf 'N Jug," he said.

With quite the variety of customers coming through on its first weekend.

"It's nice that finally we're able to buy it legally and not feel like criminals so that's the main thing. Not have to feel like a criminal for medicinal and recreational," James, an Oklahoma resident said.

However... some locals aren't so happy with Manitou's latest addition.

"A gentleman about my own age sitting in a four-wheel drive SUV, taking his pipe out of his pocket, taking his pot out from where he bought it at the local recreational pot store, filling his pipe and lighting it in front of my house," Robert Kowal, a 24-year resident of Manitou said.

He took his concerns to Manitou police before Maggie's Farm even opened.

"I had spoken to police and it was guaranteed that they'd be patrolling the street and everything and it isn't happening. If it was happening, I wouldn't have woken up this morning and found somebody smoking pot in front of my house," Kowal said.

Claiming that out-of-towners might not understand where it's legal to smoke recreational marijuana.

"They don't understand the rules. All they have to do is they have to do it in the privacy in the walls of their own home," he said.

We pressed the Manitou Police Department for answers about this weekend's enforcement but they were not available to talk today.

"These people from out of town think it's just easy enough to drive onto one of our beautiful streets up in the hills and light up and not have a problem with it. Well I have a problem with it because I live here," he said.

Despite recreational marijuana being legal for sale in Manitou Springs, it's still illegal to smoke inside of vehicles or in public.

It is, however, legal to smoke on your own private property.


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