Dec 1, 2013 4:27 PM by Matt Prichard

Manitou shines during big weekend

Small Business Saturday has become an institution across the United States as shoppers head out to support smaller shops on the biggest weekend of the year. But for Manitou Springs its become a crucial shopping season.

"Manitou's been going through some rough times with the fire, and the flooding. But the town has done great, and it was a great weekend all around," said local business owner, David Maddox.

The town rebounded after the floods in September, and now is standing tall according to Maddox.

"The owners around here, the restaurants and the retailers and the hotels, have all done a great job getting right back out there, cleaning it up and getting the message out that we're open," said Maddox.

So with that in mind, Manitou opened up for the big weekend.

"Friday was actually a bigger day for us, than Saturday but this whole weekend has been pretty fabulous and we love it," sand Adam's Mountain Cafe hostess, Emily Pazera.

"Friday the day after Thanksgiving, typically people go to the mall but we saw a lot of people in town. All of our stores, and then of course Small Business Saturday was great too," said Maddox.

And those that love coming down to Manitou say it's a welcome sign.

"These guys have just done so much for this town, in-terms of landscaping the street, the sidewalks, clean-up all the shops and just made a real effort to make it not only an adult place, but a family place as well," said local resident, Dennis Wilson.

Manitou Springs could face more flooding in the coming years, but business owners say it will be a tough place to wash out.



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