Waldo Flood

Jul 13, 2013 10:33 PM by Tony Spehar - tspehar@koaa.com

Manitou Springs prepares for flash flooding as weekend forecast predicts severe weather

A weekend of potentially severe weather that could cause flash flooding on both the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest burn scars had residents in Manitou Springs working hard to prepare their homes.

A flash flood watch was in effect for most of Saturday.

"I've just been standing in my street staring up at the clouds," explained Marcus Medina, who lives on Narrows Road.

Medina and a group of his neighbors spent part of the afternoon stacking sandbags around his house and other homes. Narrows Road saw some of the most severe damage during a flash flood that swept into Manitou Springs on July 1.

"Just black mud everywhere down toward the end of our street, three foot high debris, four foot high in places and just a lot of damage everywhere," Medina described. "I was very scared because my wife and seven-month-old child were in the house and so I wanted to be here with them and I couldn't because there was a flood up on Highway 24 and so I was stuck up there."

Another major flood last Wednesday sent water, black mud and debris across Highway 24. Cars were swept off the road, but thankfully nobody was hurt in that flood or the July 1 flood.

Wednesday's flood sent water rushing through a channel behind Narrows Road, but the floodwaters did not rise into the neighborhood. However, those who live on Narrows are very aware of Saturday's forecast which calls for a flash flood watch on Sunday night and into Monday morning. A large storm is expected as of late Saturday evening and knowing what they've seen during the previous floods they tried to put as much protection in place as they could.

"The nighttime one is the scariest one, because I can't stand in the street and watch, watch the weather happen," Marcus Medina explained. "My wife's not home right now, I talked to her three times in the last hour and we're already talking about getting a hotel room for tomorrow night."

Authorities in Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs and El Paso County reminded residents that in the event of flash flooding nobody should approach or drive through rushing water. If warning sirens go off in Manitou Springs seek higher ground immediately, in previous floods it took only a few minutes for water and debris to become dangerous and cause damage.



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