Apr 18, 2011 7:45 PM by John Romero

Mapping violent crime in Colorado Springs

It's tough to tell where and when you could be the victim of a violent crime. But new data from the Colorado Springs Police Department given to News First 5 shows where violent crimes are happening in the city. "In a city this size you're always going to have hot spots." explains Sgt. Steve Noblitt with CSPD.

The two biggest hot spots are in the heart of downtown and south near the intersection of Chelton and Fountain. Police say traditionally these have been busy areas. "I think you can expect that in those parts of town we do have a high number of calls for service." he says, "It does seem to be from year to year that those are higher crime areas."

The break down of the numbers shows over 950 cases of aggravated assault, 527 robberies and nearly 300 cases of forcible rape. In all there were more than 1800 cases of violent crime in 2010 in Colorado Springs. That comes out to about 5 every day. Police use maps like one provided to News First 5 to station officers where they're needed the most. "We know the areas of town where it takes more resources and police officers to police that part of town. We allocate our resources at the beginning of each year." explains Noblitt.

Even so police admit these maps aren't an exact science. There's really no way of knowing when violence is going to erupt. "Violent crime can happen anywhere." says Noblitt, "It's hard to tell when someone may lose control of themselves and commit a violent act."



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