Mar 1, 2013 5:55 PM by Denver Post, Kirsten Bennett

Marijuna Task Force comes up with recommendations

The task force set up by Governor John Hickenlooper to address recreational marijuana legalization met for the final time Thursday.

The Denver Post compiled a list of the recommendations.


Task force proposals for recreational marijuana in Colorado:

-Create an excise tax of 15 percent paid by marijuana stores at wholesale level
-Create a special marijuana sales tax paid by consumers
-Allow employers to fire employees for off-the-job marijuana use
-Allow marijuana sales to out-of-state residents visiting Colorado
-Restrict where and how marijuana stores can advertise
-Require marijuana to be sold in child-proof packaging
-Clarify that marijuana given away in exchange for a donation is illegal
-Include marijuana in smoking ban at bar and restaurants, effectively barring cannabis clubs
-Require marijuana grown at home to be in a room with walls and a ceiling. No outdoor marijuana growing.
-Require state and local approval for marijuana stores
-Create a seed-to-sale regulatory system for recreational marijuana businesses similar to medical-marijuana dispensaries.
-Require marijuana products to have labels of potency


To read the full report CLICK HERE.


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