Nov 18, 2012 12:15 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Mayor Bach and city council butt heads over budget

It's your money at the center of a battle between the Colorado Springs city council and Mayor Steve Bach.

Bach says city council amended his proposed budget, which he submitted back in October. The problem lies in a deficit their amendments created. In the past if a council member proposed spending more money in one area, it was up to that person to find ways to reduce spending somewhere else; that didn't happen this year.

Bach says city council flat-out recommended increasing spending, and tossed the problem of balancing the budget back at the Mayor's office. He says counselors recommended dipping into reserves if that couldn't be done. "If council doesn't change what they've already done in terms of creating a deficit I'm forced to veto that because we cannot run a deficit. I am not comfortable dipping into our reserves especially given our economy and the uncertainty going forward on our revenue," Mayor Bach told News 5.

The Mayor is asking city council to reconsider those changes or he will veto their plan. If that happens, it could create a whole new problem since city council can override the Mayor's veto with a supermajority vote.

If six of the nine council members vote to override Bach's veto, the city will move forward operating at a deficit since city council has the final say.

We did reach out to council members for their side of things, but the only person who got back to us agreed with the Mayor.


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