Jun 18, 2013 8:59 PM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Mayor Bach says thanks to CSPD, CSFD for Black Forest fire effort

City leaders gathered Tuesday morning for Mayor Steve Bach's monthly press briefing, and a lot of them were praised for their efforts fighting the Black Forest Fire.

Mayor Bach thanked Colorado Springs Deputy Fire Chief Steve DuBay and Police Chief Pete Carey for their efforts dispatching crews to aid in the firefight and evacuation efforts in the county.

Bach said the disaster in Black Forest is a reminder that people living in the Waldo Canyon burn area remain at high risk and a comprehensive mitigation requirement may be necessary in the future. "Certainly on new construction in Colorado Springs we already have those requirements. The question is what do we do with all the other homes that are existing in a wildfire interface? I'm reluctant to sign onto mandatory requirements for people who have lived in the same home maybe 20 or 30 years who may or may not have the money to take these steps, but on the other hand you saw what happened last week so were going to have to have a new conversation," Bach told News 5.

Dubay and Carey also noted the firefight and evacuation process went smoothly thanks in part to lessons learned during the Waldo Canyon Fire. Residents cooperated with evacuation orders and increased patrols in those areas limited crimes. Only a handful of burglaries were reported and police checked out 150 reports of suspicious activity.



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