Oct 7, 2013 8:43 PM by Bill Folsom

Mayor releases 2014 budget proposal for Colorado Springs

The proposed plan for spending your tax dollars in Colorado Springs is now on the table for debate. Mayor Steve Bach and his staff presented their $246 million dollar 2014 budget Monday. It is nearly $14 million more than the initial 2013 General Fund Budget.

The Mayor's staff says increases are allocated according to priorities expressed by citizens. Public safety, meaning police, fire, and emergency management, top the priority list. In the proposal the police budget gets an extra $7million. It will help with hiring 27 additional police officers to help lower response times. Fire and the Office of Emergency Management are looking at nearly a $6 million bump.

For some of the increases in the budget proposal to happen there has to be decreases in other areas. For example at least 10 departments face budget decreases totaling nearly $2-million and 96 non-public safety jobs with the city are eliminated.

There are dozens of areas in the budget addressed. The budget has been posted on line so the public can review it.

The Mayor's proposal now goes to city council for their input and debate on what they agree with and what they want changed. The first of four work sessions at City Hall is Thursday.



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