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Jan 14, 2014 12:44 AM by Greg Smith

McKennis wont be in Sochi after broken leg

If you take away Lindsey Vonn's modeling and celebrity status, you'd have Alice McKennis. The 24-year-old Colorado native has a lot in common with Vonn, including the fact that now she won't be skiing for U.S.A in the Sochi games. McKennis had to withdraw from the 2014 winter games because she's not quite ready after a devastating injury.

10 months ago, coming off the first world cup win of her career, McKennis lie in a heap on a German mountain with a leg broken in over 30 places.

"Common injury for a skier," said McKennis. "I've injured my other knee before, so I've kind of run through this process before. It's just a matter of time and hard work, and then you just take it day-by-day once you're on snow again, and go from there. It's just been healing the bone and getting your muscle strong again."

Her injury and recovery overlapped that of one of the most famous skiers in the country, friendly rival Lindsay Vonn.

"We've kind of stayed in touch a lot this summer, and kind of comparing how things are going," said McKennis. "You develop a bond that way because you both are struggling."

Both definitely struggled... with crutches especially.

"I dropped my crutches down the stairs, and then I had to crawl down the stairs on one leg, and it was horrible," said McKennis. "And she's like 'Oh, I fell down on the tile floor on my crutches.' You know, stuff like that, you can always kind of laugh at it, make the best of it."

But on the bright side, she has a partner to watch the games with from home, and perhaps her celebrity boyfriend, Tiger Woods.

"Hopefully. He better be there or he's a bad boyfriend."

McKennis actually beat Vonn in a race before both of their injuries. McKennis withdraw from Sochi contention on Friday.



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