Aug 19, 2010 11:00 AM by James Jarman & Jamie Patrick

Medical marijuana forum

The hour long debate proved one thing, you need more than an hour to cover this issue.

City Councilmen Sean Paige and Tom Gallagher argued for medical marijuana dispensaries, saying the voters have already voted to approve them.

 "Unfortunately we've allowed politicians to react to the situation and they screwed it up again," said Gallagher.

Paige says the government needs to start taking a hands off approach when it comes to medical marijuana, and leave the decisions up to the patients and doctors.

"It's a bigoted idea to say that we up here should know who should have it and who should not.," he said, "Let's let that choice be between the individual and the doctor and leave it at that and leave the state out of it."

State Lawmaker Mark Waller and District Attorney Dan May argued voters did not approve them, they approved individual caregivers.  A clear distinction because caregivers are limited in how many patients they can serve.

DA May got tears in his eye when a talked about a friend with cancer who received great support from a medical marijuana caregiver.

"The caretaker is there to take care of them night and day and not just to give them marijuana," he said.

Among his arguments Waller says too many people who are not really suffering a medical condition are getting medical marijuana cards.

"This should not be an end-around to legalization," he said several times in the debate, "Medical marijuana should not be an end around to legalization!"

The complete hour long debate will soon be streamed here on  It will also be rebroadcast on News First Now channel 5.2 over the air and on cable channel 9 in Colorado Springs.  You can watch it at 7:00 p.m. this Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

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News First 5, The Gazette and the Pikes Peak Library District hosted a medical marijuana forum at the Colorado Springs Carnegie Library on Wednesday.

If you missed it you can catch it on News First Now, channel 5-2, or on Comcast 9 in Colorado Springs or 247 in Pueblo.

The forum will air again on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.


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