Apr 10, 2014 5:02 AM by Bethany Rhodes

Meet Real-life Barbie and Ken

A real-life "Barbie and Ken" are making headlines, not only because of their looks, but but what they are saying.

They met at a recent photo shoot.

"Barbie", or Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukranian model, reportedly said in a recent interview that the thought of having a family was repulsive to her. She also said that the reason people were having so much plastic surgery was because ethnicities were mixing.

Lukyanova considers herself a Breatharian, meaning she only lives off of air and light.

"Ken", or Justin Jedlica, says he is a strong believer in plastic surgery, but says that when he met Lukyanova in person, he wasn't impressed. He says she's an "illusionist" with heavy makeup and hair extensions. He also said she wasn't interesting.


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