Jan 19, 2013 6:44 PM by Lacey Steele

Meeting held in Pueblo to discuss violence and gun control

The community of Pueblo gets together to discuss violence.

It's a chance for them to speak with local leaders, including State Senator Angela Giron.

We went to find out where people stand on gun control.

Several ideas were tossed around when it comes to what's causing gun issues across the country.

"There's not even any proposed legislation, so it's really premature to bring out a full position on behalf of the sheriffs with regards to this," said Sheriff Kirk Taylor.

All 62 sheriffs in the state met recently and they're working on their position on the issue.

"We agree on some aspects of what's coming down in the conversation," said Sheriff Taylor. "One thing we all agree on is that it''s a good conversation to have."

Some people brought up school safety to a couple of the leaders from District 70.

"Fifty years ago, schools were made so people could get into them, we wanted people to come in, and we still do," said Ed Smith, Superintendent of District 70.

They talked about access to each school.

"It's just that we have to control that access because we don't want the wrong ones to come in," said Smith. "Right now those schools are still safe because they have buzzers where people have to buzz, but they're standing outside and we don't have as good of a look at them as we'd like."

Some of the schools have vestibules where visitors can be easily seen and talked to.

A new bond in the school system will make it possible to have those at all D70 schools.

Other possible problems were brought up like violent video games and guns needing to be controlled completely.

Plus they discusses the use of the word automatic, and how not everyone agrees with what the term means.

One thing many did agree with was mental health and how it needs to be better funded.

"I don't think anybody on any side of the aisle would say differently," said Sheriff Taylor. "The fact of the matter is how we're going to do it."

Governor Hickenlooper has allotted funding to help in this area.

Some said those with mental illness need more housing and employment.

Today's meeting was just a chance for leaders to find out more about what the community is thinking when it comes to gun control.


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