May 16, 2012 1:34 PM by Lacey Steele

Mercury filters installed at many dentist offices

If you have fillings in your teeth, you have a form of mercury in your mouth.

At the dentist office that mercury can wash down the drain and out into the environment, which is a major pollution hazard.

Those at Pueblo's Health Department have been working for the past two years to get mercury filters installed at dentist offices.

You can see it collect in a container, and it looks a little bit like sand.

Installation charges were reimbursed to the dentists.

About 80-percent of Pueblo and Freemont County dentists participated, but soon all may have to get a filter.

"The EPA has told dentists that it's going to be regulated in the near future," said Jenny Kedward, Environmental Coordinator for the Health Department in Pueblo. "They think even 2012 there's going to be some regulations out."

Don't be concerned about the fillings in your teeth.

Although mercury is hazardous in the environment, the form it comes in inside your mouth is safe.


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