Jul 23, 2014 8:36 PM by Andy Koen

Metro District tells Pueblo County no more pot shops

PUEBLO WEST - Take a short drive around Pueblo West and you'll find lots of new marijuana businesses. There are enough that the Pueblo West Metro District voted to tell County Commissioners "no more!"

The board unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night asking the commissioners to not license any new pot shops in their community in the future.

"There seems to be a consensus by most people in Pueblo West to say hey, we've got enough marijuana shops in Pueblo West so we'd encourage you to place any additional ones somewhere else," said board president Lew Quigley.

News 5 searched zoning applications and found at least two dozen marijuana businesses have wanted to open up shop in Pueblo West since recreational pot became legal. Quigley says what makes his community so popular is all of the industrial real estate available here.

"Unfortunately for Pueblo West and Pueblo County, that's where a majority of that zoning is located, not by design, but because that's the way it evolved."

The resolution may send a public message to the commissioners, but the Metro District still lacks any authority to control land use decisions. Pueblo West voters would need to incorporate themselves as a home rule city to acquire that power. Quigley thinks that it may be time for a public conversation about that idea.

"This is an opportunity for us to talk about that, and I'm one of those, being primarily been in government in the city, home rule cities and that, I'd encourage you to think about it," Quigley said.

The resolution also asks the county to share its tax revenue with Pueblo West, to give the Metro District Board three seats on the County Planning Commission and to publish public notices for marijuana licenses in the Pueblo West View.


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