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Dec 2, 2013 8:01 AM by Stephen Bowers

Mild for Monday, but an arctic blast is coming

Windy and mild is the forecast for our Monday. A High Wind Watch is in effect for El Paso and Teller Counties and for the Wet Mountains, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the Wet Mountain Valley beginning at 8 PM tonight and continuing until 8 AM Tuesday. That wind will be a warm wind blowing off the east-facing slopes of the mountains, and it will mean quick warming to the upper 40's and lower 50's by 10:00 AM. By noon we will be close to 60 area-wide, and upper 50's and lower 60's are forecast for 2:00 PM. We'll cool to the low-to-mid 50's by 5:00 PM. Tonight, snow begins to fly in the mountains.

Snow could begin falling along the Southern Front Range as early as Tuesday night, and a very cold air mass is set to slide into place on Wednesday. Our high temperatures will be in the 10-15 degree range Wednesday through Friday, and the odds increase for snow across the area along with the extreme cold.

As the cold settles in, keep in mind that residential fires often increase during the cold season due to the use of space heaters and fires to keep warm. Be especially cautions and remember to keep flamable material including furniture and window curtains at least four feet away from space heaters (all the way around - not just the front) and fires. Be safe, and stay warm! If you will be out in the cold, dress in several layers to most effectively stay warm. Rememer, too, outdoor animals need access to unfrozen water, and they will also need a way to stay warm. 


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