Dec 19, 2010 10:24 PM by Jeannette Hynes

Miracle baby celebrates first birthday

Coltyn Hermanstorfer of Security may not be ready to blow out his first birthday candle, but he's learning how to walk, he's blowing kisses, and he's babbling as only one year old's can. Plus, the fact he's celebrating his first birthday is very special for his family.

"I still consider him a miracle," expresses Tracy Hermanstorfer, Coltyn's mom.

The morning of December 24, 2009, Tracy went into labor and nothing seemed out of the ordinary initially. While in labor at Memorial Hospital, she stopped breathing, and her heart stopped beating. Doctors say she was technically dead. The nurse performed CPR for four to five minutes, thinking Tracy was gone. Doctors performed an emergency cesarean section right in the room. Immediately after the delivery, her pulse came back.

Coltyn, however, was limp and unresponsive. It was several minutes of CPR, again, that allowed him to take his first breath and get his heart pumping.

Doctors are still looking for an answer to the mystery of what happened and why, but mom and son are doing well with no medical complications.

"You still go and check on him and make sure that he's breathing. I know he [Mike] still makes sure that I'm still breathing," says Tracy.

"I checked her last night," answers Mike Hermanstorfer, Tracy's husband and Coltyn's dad.

The family wanted to make sure to have a big birthday celebration to remind them of just how lucky they are.

"There's times that I'm going, 'Wow, I could have missed this,'" remarks Tracy.

"My whole outlook on life has changed. With what happened to these two, there's no way you could ever go back to looking at life the same way," explains Mike.

In fact, Mike says because his wife and son got their lives back, he plans to give back. He says he plans to donate a kidney, once a match is found.




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