Apr 3, 2012 8:06 PM by Matt Stafford

Mixed signals for local economy

Tuesday was the kind of morning that can make students think about skipping class; cold, with snow falling. But, for students worried about facing the job market ahead, they're doing what it takes to get hired.

"I'm doing everything I can to make myself more noticeable," says Caroline Flores; a junior studying Psychology at UCCS.

For Flores, that meant switching fields.

"I loved music, but just how it was, it made me kind of look more into what would be better for me," says Flores; she's studying psychology. "It feels like there's a more open job market."

"One of the things I looked at when I chose my degree was what positions were actually showing growth," says Daniel Lemack, a senior studying information systems at UCCS.

Lemack started college in 2008; heading into a national recession. He's heard a lot of "horror stories" when it comes to job shopping, but he also says students his age are weathering the storm; prospects are looking up.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says 10.2 percent more college grads in the class of 2012 will be hired than the year before, and considerably more than 2010.

However, Colorado unemployment figures remained unchanged from January to February - at 7.8 percent.

At a Colorado Springs small business, Photographer's Edge, owner Jim Lamke says business is "holding steady" from the year before.

"Holding steady is not hiring," says Lamke.

Photographer's Edge specializes in photo greeting cards; printing them up, and shipping them off. They have six employees.

"What would it take to add that seventh position?" News 5 asked Lamke.

"I'd say increased sales; we would have to increase sales by 10 percent to justify hiring a seventh person," Lamke says, and the same goes if they wanted to try out a new service or product.

Lamke has a new idea in mind. He says it would allow them to hire possibly five more people, but things aren't quite there yet.

An updated look at the economy comes on Friday when the national unemployment numbers for March are released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.



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