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Jul 14, 2014 7:40 AM by Stephen Bowers

Monday Weather: More Storms

The atmosphere is loaded with moisture, so today is going to be another stormy day that starts with some sunshine. We will have to monitor for an increasing risk for flash flooding this afternoon and evening.

Dew point temperatures, which measure the air's moisture content, have been in the 50's and 60's, which is actually much more common in places like Louisiana and Florida. You'll notice the extra humidity today if you have a cold drink when the condensation forms on the outside of your drinking glass. You will also notice frizzy hair and your salt may even clump in your salt shakers. The remedy for clumping salt is to add a little bit of rice into your salt shaker. The rice will absorb the moisture to keep the salt grains from absorbing the moisture.

A cold front that is moving southward toward us from Wyoming and Nebraska. That cold front will stall on top of us tomorrow and set us up for another pair of stormy days both tomorrow and Wednesday.

Breaking down the day for you, the 7 AM to 10 AM time frame keeps persistent cloud cover overhead with temperatures warming into the 70's and only a stray shower. Between 10 AM and noon, showers and thunderstorms begin developing over El Paso and Teller counties, and they will persist through 2 PM as temperatures warm into the 80's along and south of the Arkansas River and hold in the 70's elsewhere. From 2 PM to 5 PM, showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain will fill in along the I-25 Corridor and even move into the Plains. Showers and storms will begin fading between 7-8 PM and we will be clear of rain aside from a stray shower by 10 PM.

That cold front that stalls on top of us means a stormy Tuesday and Wednesday, and we will have to monitor closely for the flash flooding potential through mid-week. Storms become a little less widespread on Thursday as some dry air starts to move our way. The drying trend will continue in Friday, and temperatures will warm. A weak cold front may mean a few showers on Saturday, especially in high elevations. Warming and drying resumes on Sunday.



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