Oct 6, 2009 12:45 PM by John Romero

Monument woman defies the odds

As she limbers up for the 50+ mile bike ride ahead, Valerie Cox of Monument realizes she nearly didn't make it to this point. "A year ago today (Sunday) I had a surgery that saved my life." She explains. For eight long years Valerie dealt with an intestinal infection that only gives a 20% chance of survival.

Most didn't think she would make it though explains her surgeon, Dr. Ihor Fedorak, "Valerie was literally on deaths door for a ling period of time." he says, "She's a testament to the strength of the human spirit." With the help of a good surgeon and strong support from her family and friends, Valerie has made a miraculous recovery.

To celebrate her recovery Valerie rode three 17 mile loops around the Air Force Academy with Dr. Fedorak, her daughter Chauncenia and her husband Landon. It's an experience she didn't know if she would ever have. "Knowing that a year ago I was in a coma and in icu and now I'm here today to bike 60 miles. That's awesome! I'm excited!" she says with a smile as wide as the Rockies. "It's a total gift just to watch her get on her bike and just go ride because before she couldn't." says Valerie's other daughter Alishaunia She'd be lying in bed and not able to move because of the pain.>

Alishaunia, Chauncenia and Valerie's other 2 children Tayanita and Naoka were so inspired by her recovery, they started a website to help others in need of life saving surgery. "We decided that in order to help other people around the world survive curable diseases that just require some surgery, we decided that we would create this website." says Alidhaunia. After these last 8 years, Valerie says she now wakes up and thinks the same thing every morning, "Celebrate today and celebrate now because you don't know."

If you would like to learn more about the Cox kid's website and how you can donate, please click here to see their website at Family4Others.org.



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