Mar 25, 2014 9:04 PM by Greg Dingrando

More controversy in Green Mountain Falls

GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS - A small town that's had it's share of controversy is gearing up for yet another hectic election.

In the past, Green Mountain Falls has seen a little bit of everything from resignations and recalls to fights over Facebook.

Heading into the election on April 1st, the town clerk said things have gone smoothly, particularly with the recent public forum

"Quite different from last year. Quite different," said town clerk Chris Frandina.

But some in the community said that's not true at all.

"This election is far more controversial than I've ever seen," said Rachael Warwick who works at The Pantry.

She said threats, intimidation tactics, and dirty politics has only led to mud slinging and character attacks as election day grows near. Its something Monteray Hall says does nothing for her and other voters.

"There things that just really aren't important issues. They just talk about people's character and whatever instead of what they're actually concerned about," said Hall.

One good thing about the controversy is people are itching to get their hands on the ballot. They want to make sure they're voice is heard.

"I think we have very good response. We have a lot of absentee voter applications come in. Already more than 100," said Frandina.

"I think they'll have biggest turn out they've ever had because this election is so exciting. There's so much going on," said Warwick.

And with so many issues this town is facing from flood mitigation to law enforcement, many believe the outcome of this election is critical.

"This election is huge. Its probably the most exciting its ever been. Lots of controversy," said Warwick.

The election is on April 1st. Two other board members who are not up for re-election will be a part of a recall election in May.



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