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More details on suspect in Springs Mobile Home Park murder

Investigators with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office have arrested Donna Kaiser-Anderson on a charge of second degree murder in connection with the death of two people who were found in her home on Friday afternoon.

Deputies were called to the 500-block of J Street in the Springs Mobile Home Park off of Western Road just after 1:30 p.m. on Friday. A resident reported that he found a bullet hole in the side of his home; deputies determined that it must have been fired from a neighboring home.

When the deputies knocked on the door of the home they believed the bullet was fired from nobody answered. They then contacted Kaiser-Anderson, who also lived in the home, and she came to the scene.

"She let them inside the trailer and that's when they made the discovery of the deceased adult male and the deceased adult female," described Lt. Jeff Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff's Department.

According to Lt. Kramer, the first deputies to enter the home found one man with what appeared to be gunshot wounds.  An autopsy on both victims is expected to be performed in the next few days.

"Our investigators believed that Ms. Kaiser-Anderson may be involved," Lt. Kramer explained. "She was placed into custody."

Investigators haven't positively identified the victims, but said on Friday night that they believe they are Kaiser-Anderson's mother and husband. Neighbors who asked not to be identified told News 5 that they had not seen Kaiser-Anderson's mother or husband for days, but had seen here going to work and returning regularly.

"Some of the evidence that was noticed on scene as well as some of the information that came available to our investigators did lead them to believe that this event, in terms of the time of their death, might have been sometime in the days prior," explained Lt. Kramer.

Many residents of the Springs Mobile Home Park were shocked to hear about the crime, saying the area is normally quiet.

"Sad that it happened and scary that it happened this close to home," said neighbor Anthony Mitchell. "It makes me happy that that stray bullet didn't pierce that house and hit the owner of the house or anybody living in that house."

Donna Kaiser-Anderson is in custody at the Criminal Justice Center on a $250,000 bond, her first appearance in court could come as soon as Monday.



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