Feb 12, 2011 12:46 AM by Matt Stafford

More issues to sort for medical marijuana in legislature

House Bill 1043 has gotten a lot of the attention in the medical marijuana community of this year's bills working their way through the legislature. It's got several proposed changes to the Colorado Medicinal Marijuana Code; such as extending the state moratorium for new businesses in the industry, rules on patient privacy, and new rules for businesses that produce marijuana-infused products. However, House Bill 1250, introduced this week, has gotten a lot of attention as well. It's aimed at prohibiting ingestible marijuana-infused products from being manufactured or sold.

Many dispensaries sell the infused products, with the intoxicating substance from marijuana cooked into candy and foods.

William Prince, with Discreet Treats, makes marijuana edibles and sells them to dispensaries. He says the passing of 1250 would be big trouble for him, and he's hearing concern from others in the business.

"It really gets my attention," says Prince. "I mean this could take us right out of business; by a stroke of a pen we're done."

Legislators say medical marijuana is a relatively new industry, and considering bills is part of the process to set up a legal frame work for the businesses to operate.

Representative Mark Waller, a republican from House District 15, sits on the House Judiciary Committee that HB 1250 would be voted in first.

"The concern is coming from marketing marijuana to young kids," says Waller. "I think that the lawmaker that's bringing 1250 forward wants to address that concern."

Waller says banning one method of consumption but allowing others doesn't make sense to him. He doesn't support the bill as written, but it could be tweaked before he gets to vote on it.

HB 1250 is scheduled to go in front of the Judiciary Committee in March.


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