May 14, 2010 10:07 PM by Andy Koen

Motive suggested in father son stabbing case

Court documents unsealed today in the case of a Colorado Springs man charged with murdering his father suggest he may have been abused by the victim.

Jason Lee Stroud, 32, was formally charged today with first degree murder.  His father, Terry Stroud, 59, was repeatedly stabbed in the face in the bedroom of this home on El Capitan Drive last Monday.  He was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

According the probable cause affidavit that was unsealed in court today, Stroud's wife Theresa called the police and told them Jason had stabbed her husband.

In her statement, Mrs. Stroud told detectives that Terry "has always been abusive to both she and the children" and that they all slept in separate bedrooms.  

She added that the elder Stroud had agoraphobia and rarely left the house.

On the morning of the stabbing, Mrs. Stroud told detectives she awoke to a scuffle in her husband's bedroom. When she opened the door she found Jason on top of her husband.

She says Jason climbed off of him and pushed her back against a wall. She said she saw a knife sticking out of her husbands face and asked Jason "What have you done?"

He didn't reply but instead ran out of the house.  Meanwhile her husband said to her "Theresa, I'm dying."

Patrol officers found Jason Stroud a block away on Del Rey Drive.  His finger was cut and he was taken to the hospital. From there he was taken into custody.

While in custody, a detective reports that Jason asked whether Colorado still had the death penalty.  He later asked to speak with the detective and told him that on the day before the stabbing he made a really big mistake.

He didn't explain what he meant but said that his father had been coaching him and, after hearing about the mistake, laughed at him and made a viscous comment to him.

He added that he stayed awake all night thinking about the mistake and that is when he went back downstairs.

Stroud then requested a lawyer and after making that request told the detective, "I don't care about what happens to me, I just want to save the kids."

Stroud is expected to enter a plea at his next court appearance July 1.  The death of Terry Stroud has been ruled as the 7th homicide of 2010 in Colorado Springs.

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