May 9, 2012 12:29 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Murder-suicide takes two lives, leaves 3 sons behind: Grandmother now speaks on domestic violence

Her daughter was murdered my her son-in-law, who then took his own life: the tragedy left behind three young boys who witnessed it all. Their grandmother is now speaking out about the dangers of domestic violence and the scars it leaves behind when it goes unaddressed. Brenda Buckler is asking the public to pay attention to the signs and symptoms so no one else has to live her nightmare.

It happened back in February on Chieftain Drive in Colorado Springs. Jeff Lawrence, a veteran reportedly suffering from PTSD, shot and killed his wife, Tara Buckler, then turned the gun on himself.

Now their three little boys are dealing with the scars of that horrific memory and the pains of growing up without a mom and dad. "Carson, the three-year-old, is very aggressive and bites and scratches and pulls hair. And Carson I've seen hte most with- he got a hold of a squirt gun and he stuck it in his mouth," Buckler tells News 5.

Brenda Buckler shared her heartbreaking story with News 5 in hopes that she can raise awareness about domestic violence. If you or someone you know is in a dangerous relationship, TESSA, a confidential service in El Paso County, can help. They offer a crisis hotline and a safehouse for women in need. Here's the link:



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