Jan 29, 2012 8:37 PM by Ophelia Young

Murder suspects begin trial this week

This is the beginning of the end to two murder cases. In one, a tow truck driver was dragged over a mile. In the other, a body of a 7-year-old possibly buried alive beneath her home. This case, of young Genesis Sims death, has had an especially dramatic last year.

When law enforcement first interviewed Genesis's father, Hanif Sims and his girlfriend, Monique Lynch, it appeared Lynch was the main suspect. Interviews suggested that Lynch beat 7-year-old Genesis until she was barely breathing and that, after, the two stuffed the child, possibly still alive,in a trash bag.

But last May, the case veered sharply as Lynch's first degree murder charge was dropped...and Sims' case. Lynch was sentenced for a reduced charge of child abuse and, in return for that merciful move, she told authorities a story that stands in court today--that in December 2008, she watched as Sims scared Genesis until the child soiled herself, and then beat her unconscious.

Last week, Sims' defense attorneys claimed the detectives made false statements about one of Sims' confessions. They asked the judge to dismiss Sims' case. The judge refused.

So, as Sims' trial begins tomorrow, a discussion will take place another courtroom about missing evidence in the case of a woman whom prosecutors say took off in her SUV as it was being hooked to a tow truck.

32-year-old Detra Farries is believed to have dragged the tangled tow truck driver, Allen Rose. After leaving a trail of blood more than a mile long, Rose died. Farries faces 11 counts including manslaughter, but Farries' attorney reports that police lost a dvd interview.

The prosecution says a written copy of the interview exists. We're told this will be reviewed Monday morning before jury selection.

Both these legal issues emerged one week before trial begins tomorrow.



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