Jun 26, 2013 12:35 AM by Annie Snead

Nationwide cuts to the Army impacting Fort Carson

We got word Tuesday that Brigade Combat Teams will be cut from ten bases across the nation, including the Mountain Post.
It's part of reducing 80,000 soldiers by 2017.
But leaders there are saying the impact may not be as bad as it sounds.
Those at Fort Carson say if the cuts are approved by congress, they'll lose 150 of those 3,800 in the brigade.
"If this decision does go into effect it's not going to cause Fort Carson to lose an entire brigade combat team," said Lt. Col. Armando Hernandez.
Hernandez says these cuts are part of the budget control act of 2011.
We spoke to him at Tuesday's casing ceremony at Fort Carson, as around 500 soldiers prepare to deploy to Afghanistan.
"We're still supporting our mission, we're supporting our nation and we continue to train and be combat ready for whatever calling that may be," he said.
He said if the cuts do go into effect there will be a loss of around 150 soldiers at Fort Carson, only the headquarters of one of their brigade combat teams will be deactivated and others will be moved to other teams.
"It's regrettable that some will eventually lose their positions. I think a lot of them will have the opportunity to be reassigned at Fort Carson but those who aren't, it is a loss and our community will be poorer as a result," said Congressman Doug Lamborn.
Lamborn was disappointed Fort Carson was one of 10 bases affected.
Thankfully, the population won't really change, they're activating a new aviation brigade next week.
"I didn't think that we should hold the military hostage as a way of balancing the rest of the budget. Yes, lets balance the rest of the budget, but lets look at things like entitlement, that's almost 2/3 of the budget not just balance on the backs of the military," Lamborn said.


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