Jul 9, 2010 7:35 PM by Stephanie Collins

Natural chicken coop uses local materials

A woman in Pueblo is using a natural building method to build a one of a kind chicken coop. All of the materials are recycled and local, and so far the whole thing has cost just over $100.

Maya Avina and some helpful friends have spent most of the summer building the coop. It's being made using a method called cob, which involves mixing sand, clay and hay. The cob is then rolled out and weaved into the frame to make a solid structure. The building method itself is better for the environment and all of the materials to make the chicken coop are local.

"All the main timbers supporting the corners and the roof are from fire mitigation, the sand is from a local landscape supplier and the straw is from a local feed store," explains Avina.

The clay they are using is actually beng reused from CSU Pueblo's pottery department, "They had a big pile where students would just throw their clay after they make pots and have scraps left,"
says Avina.

The structure is almost complete and so far Avina has spent just $112, but it doesn't have a roof yet.

When complete, Avina says her coop will be able to hold around 25 chickens, but she wants to start slow, with maybe just seven or eight.

For more on cob building, and how to do it, click here.



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