Apr 9, 2014 7:42 PM by Tony Spehar

Neighbor recounts fatal shooting in Pueblo

The investigation into what lead to the fatal shooting of a 25-year-old man in Pueblo early Tuesday morning continued on Wednesday.

Candles and flowers mark the spot where Eddie Johnson died after being shot multiple times on the 2100-block of Cedar Street. According to police the shooting came after a large fight involving several people in the front yard of a home, neighbor Agnes Fitzpatrick heard the commotion start as she was having trouble sleeping around 1:30 Tuesday morning.

"It got real loud and I looked again outside and I didn't see anything," she described. "Then I heard a couple gunshots."

She saw a car drive away and then heard screaming.

"I heard a woman hollering 'she shot him, she shot him," she explained. "Then a man was saying 'get up Eddie, get up Eddie,' and there was a lady giving a man on the lawn CPR."

Fitzpatrick went outside and offered to call 911, when police and medics arrived Johnson was already dead.

Not long after the shooting police tracked Taria Wilhite-Moore, 21, to a home at the intersection of Vinewood and O'Neal. After a standoff with the SWAT team Wilhite-Moore surrendered to police, she is facing a charge of first degree murder.

There has been speculation about what lead up to the shooting in online forums, investigators haven't released many details about the shooting. Agnes Fitzpatrick remains heartbroken about what happened right outside her home of 30-years, she said her neighborhood is usually quiet.

"Wonderful neighborhood, everybody's nice in this neighborhood," she described. "Instead of arguing and getting mad, maybe even getting in a fight, it's easier to grab a gun and waste somebody's beautiful life, it's so sad."

Wilhite-Moore is in the Pueblo County Jail, the prosecutor's office was not able to say when she is expected to appear in court.

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