Aug 8, 2012 7:00 PM by Matt Stafford

Neighbors concerned about unfamiliar rattlesnake in the area

An unusual looking snake has been appearing near Hanover

"Out by the driveway," says Jim Day, a Hanover resident pointing to the spot in the driveway where he saw one of them.

Day has seen a lot of rattlesnakes, but this one was different.

"A neighbor had mentioned something about it so I had been kind of watching," says Day. "It was kind of a green looking thing so we thought we'd take a picture."

It's also a little larger than usual, and Day's now seen a few of them.

"One this year and two last year, just around the place here," says Day.

Neighbors have been saying the snakes are Mohave Green Rattlesnakes; one of the most poisonous in the United States, according to Arizona's Game and Fish Office. The snakes are native to the Mojave Desert; they aren't supposed to be in this part of the country.

So are the greenish snakes being seen near Hanover really the infamous Mohave Green Rattlesnake? We sent pictures Day took of one to Colorado's Division of Parks and Wildlife.

"We had a couple of people in our office, some of the biologists and our reptile specialist, take a look at the photos and everyone agreed that it looked like it was a Prairie Rattlesnake," explains Michael Seraphin with the Division of Wildlife.

However Seraphin says sometimes the snakes color and look can vary.

"It kind of depends on the environment that the snake lives in," says Seraphin.

It doesn't appear that the greenish snakes near Hanover are the Mohave Green Rattlesnakes, just a Prairie Rattler with a greenish tinge, but regardless both are poisonous.

Day knows how serious a bite can be; he lives about 30 miles from the nearest hospital. So what would he have to do if someone is bitten at his place?

"Call for a helicopter and send them in," explains Day.

That's a trip he doesn't want to make.

For a refresher on medical treatment for a rattlesnake bite, click here.



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