Apr 24, 2012 7:26 PM by Siera Santos

New additions coming to Memorial Skatepark

New additions to Memorial Park Skatepark will make it the only of its kind in the nation.

The City Council approved $47,000 worth of funding to build a concrete reinforcement pad to stabilize the two vert ramps. With the addition of the vert ramps, Memorial Park will be the only public skatepark in that nation with all four skateboarding disciplines.

Based on figures from similar parks, it has the potential to bring up to $150,000 tourist dollars to the city. Plus, draw professional and amateur competitions to town.

Jono Schwan, 14, is well-known among the regulars at Memorial Skatepark. He is the founder of Sk8-Strong, a non-profit organization aimed at helping skateboarding athletes achieve their goals. Sk8-Strong is responsible for donating the ramps that have an estimated value over $200,000.

"I feel like it would be a great thing for people in Colorado Springs to be exposed to so they can have the same experiences that I have had. People can come out here and skate what the pros are skating and pros can come out here and skate it," Jono points out.

Over the summer, Sk8-Strong is planning to host three statewide amateur vert competitions, one national vert competition and one national professional competition.


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