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Jul 17, 2013 9:36 AM by Stephen Bowers

New evidence shows T-Rex was no scavenger

Researchers in South Dakota unearthed the tail bone of a duckbill dinosaur and found something that told them more about the Tyrannosaurus Rex than the duckbill. 

The duckbill tail bone was holding the tooth of a T-Rex with bone partially grown around it. What that means is that the T-Rex was likely a hunter and not a scavenger. The Associated Press report quotes David Burnham from the University of Kansas, saying that the fossil, which is about 67 million years old, indicates the T-Rex bit the duckbill from behind, intending to take it for a meal. The duckbill in this case got away and lived for several months or possibly years, as indicated by the bone growth around the tooth.

The Associated Press says other experts outside of this study already believed the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a hunter more than a scavenger, although the T-Rex didn't necessarily pass up means of opportunity by scavenging a carcass.

Experts believe the T-Rex bite was powerful enough to shatter bones with teeth that were up to a foot long.


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