Oct 9, 2012 5:45 PM by Lacey Steele

New Forever stamp set shows photos from Pueblo aerial photographer

The next time you get a letter in the mail, the stamp may be a photo from a Pueblo photographer.

We met with AirPhoto North America owner Jim Wark.

He says the stamps are an honor after spending most of his life behind the camera and in the sky.

Wark's love for planes is obvious.

"I was a Navy pilot, and that goes back to the 1950's," said Wark.

He also enjoys photography.

"I bought this airplane to fly to Alaska and go camping, and as soon as I bought it, I realized what a great platform it would be for aerial photography," said Wark.

His work has caught the eyes of many, including the Art Director of the Postal Service.

Several years ago they told him about an aerial photo stamp set.

"About 2010 they called and said they definitely wanted to do the stamps," said Wark.

Fifteen stamps are in the set called Earthscapes.

Wark is the only photographer who has more than one in the set.

He has five total!

"I'm proud of that," said Wark. "Made me feel good."

From barges in the Houston ship canal to a railroad roundhouse in Pennsylvania, the stamps from Wark showcase the work he has done all over the country.

"And then the butte in the fog is 1990, Yellowstone Park," said Wark.

That one is special because it was taken on his first official trip as an aerial photographer.

His son is also involved in flying and aerial photography, so the entire family is proud of this achievement.

"We'll buy enough to last for the rest of our life, I guess," joked Wark.

He says it will be interesting to see the stamps in his own mail.

If you'd like this set of Forever stamps, they are available now at the post office.



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