Apr 30, 2011 12:29 AM by Matt Stafford

New info in the investigation of murdered teacher

Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap released new information, Friday, tracking the killer of a local high school teacher found dead last summer. They have new DNA evidence and contact with possibly the last person to see Randall Wilson alive.

It's been ten months since the body of Randall Wilson was found with a bag over his head, his hands bound behind him, and dumped off the side of a road in Elbert County.

Investigators have had little to go on since June; until this week, when the state crime lab found a lead.

"From the evidence collected, we've obtained an unidentified DNA source," says Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap, but he says it hasn't matched up with anyone.

The only one of Wilson's sons living in Kiowa spoke to reporters. 20-year old Weston Wilson says he just wants closure.

"I hope they find whoever did it, and really I just want it to be over," Wilson said.

Another lead the Sheriff's office is following is looking for two people scene on security footage stopping at a gas station in Bennett at the same time as Wilson the night he disappeared -- possibly the last people to see him alive.

"Which way did they go? Which way did Mister Wilson go? Did they see him?" asks Sheriff Heap. He says it was a man and a woman. Sheriff Heap said the woman's name is Krista Coppedge, and that she is a piano tuner who was leaving an Aspen music festival.

Sheriff Heap said his office hadn't been able to make contact with the two people.

While at the Sheriff's office Friday, a reporter found Coppedge on the internet, called her, and asked her some of the Sheriff's questions.

"I was on a road trip from Florida so I stopped at a lot of gas stations," Coppedge said. "There was no, like, nothing out of the ordinary."

She says she didn't remember Wilson and was surprised to hear people were looking for her.

Investigators finally got to speak with Coppedge on Friday.

"She said that they had car problems and they stopped and were only there a short time and then went to an auto parts store," Sheriff Heap said, describing the information his investigators got from the conversation they just had with Coppedge.

Sheriff Heap says he will continue to investigate, possibly asking Coppedge for a DNA sample. Right now he's focused on finding a match.

"We have no intention of calling this cold or closed," says Sheriff Heap.

"It will just make it a little easier knowing the person was caught," Wilson's son Weston said to reporters.

Sheriff Heap is calling Coppedge and her ex-boyfriend on the trip possible witnesses, not suspects or persons of interest.


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