Apr 12, 2013 1:26 PM by Patricia Collier

New line of Barbie dolls being called racist

A new line of Barbie dolls is getting a lot of attention but it wasn't exactly what the toy maker Mattel was expecting.

The classic Barbie doll was introduced in the 1950s. Most girls grew up with one or two. In an effort to stay current, Mattel recently redesigned Barbie, giving her a "global appeal."

Each Barbie carries a passport and a pet that it meant to represent their heritage. They are also dressed in outfits native to the country they represent.

But, some people are calling them racist or crudely stereotypical. One such Barbie is the Mexico Barbie which comes with a Chihuahua and a pink passport. The Barbie representing India has a monkey on her arm.

And the Hawaiian Barbie is decked on in luau attire and comes with a sea turtle.

Mattel is defending the new Barbie dolls. They have issued a statement that says: "The Dolls of the World Collection features the native fashions while celebrating the cultures and diversity represented within each country in a way that will appeal to Barbie fans of all ages."


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