Sep 9, 2012 5:52 PM by Lacey Steele

New politically fun phone app benefits blind and visually impaired children

How about some fun this campaign season?

From negatives ads to political bickering between friends on Facebook, you may already be exhausted.

We found a political but fun phone app that's sole purpose is actually a good cause!

The Rush-Miller Foundation started over a decade ago when Eric Miller's son, Garrett, lost his vision to brain cancer.

Their main purpose: tandem bikes.

"We're buying two tandems for every school for the blind in the US," said Miller. "We've got 17 states done."

Now the general public can help out in a politically fun way!

Miller knows the owner of Alchemy 3D based in Spain that makes apps for phones and tablets.

"They had come out with this crazy game called Whack a Mou about the Madrid, Spain soccer coach," said Miller.

That's when he told them they should make the same game with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

"We came up with the idea, and they said, 'How bout we do this and benefit your foundation at the same time?'" said Miller.

That was the birth of the Poke a Prez App.

When you buy it, you get to play a fun game, while all proceeds go to a great cause.

All you do is select your candidate, then tap on them when they pop up from the podium.

"It's the politically agnostic political game app that will predict the presidency with 50% accuracy," said Miller.

Each time you play your choice is anonymously placed in their records for stats state to state and nationally, so it's just for fun, with a bigger purpose behind it.

"While this is a silly, little game app at a time when our country needs a laugh, the purpose that it serves is much grander," said Miller.

That's putting visually impaired kids on bikes.

"How many of these kids didn't think they could ride a bike because they were blind or visually impaired?" said Miller. "I don't know, but now they're going to get to experience something that they very well may have thought that they couldn't do otherwise, and that's empowering."

The app is available now for Android and iTunes.

For more information on the Poke a Prez app, search for it on your phone or tablet, or click here.

On the Poke a Prez website you can also download printables of both Obama and Romney's faces.

If you'd like to know more about the Rush-Miller Foundation, click here.



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