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Jun 16, 2013 10:19 PM by Annie Snead

New Pre Evacuation Status areas released

Four areas are opening at 8:30pm Sunday, June 16. El Paso County has downgraded these four areas below from Mandatory Evacuation Status to Pre Evacuation Status.
The reoccupation of these areas are limited to residents, who must have a driver's license or vehicle registration to prove residency.
Here are the areas released from El Paso County:

1. The area between Highland Estates Drive west to Black Forest Rd, from Walker Rd south to Hodgen Rd. is now on Pre Evac.

2. The area west of Vollmer Rd. from Hogden Rd south to just south of Kirk Dr, then west across Wildridge Rd. just south of Basin Dr. across Black Forest Rd, just south of Country Estates Lane, turning north west to connect with the current boundary line.
Kirk Dr. is now on Pre Evac
Basin Dr. is now on Pre Evac
Country Estates Lane is now on Pre Evac
Connaught Dr. is still in the Mandatory Evac zone.
Areas on the east side of Vollmer Rd are still in the Mandatory Evac zone.

3. The a small area just east of Hwy 83 including Abert Way and Chickaree Lane is now on Pre Evacuation

4. The area between Shoup Rd. south to Burgess Rd., from Howells Rd. east to Vollmer Rd. is now on Pre Evac status.
Shoup Road remains closed to all citizens for the safety of emergency personnel and emergency vehicles utilizing the road to continue to fight the fire.
Residents with addresses on Shoup Rd., Donavan Lane, Casey Lane, Glenridge Lane and Clear Lane will not be allowed to access their homes off of Shoup Rd.

Sheriff Maketa is discouraging the public to go into the burn area.



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