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Apr 11, 2010 10:58 AM by Jamie Smith

New technology to help make dentist visits a little more comfortable

For some, the dentist's chair brings feelings of dread. But thanks to some high tech advances, being in the chair can take less time and much less discomfort.

The Novocain numbness your dentist gives you can be annoying. So some dentists are using a new solution called Oraverse. It reverses the Novocain effect, and gets you back to normal faster.

For people that need a crown. Some dentists use an Itero device to make 3-D digital impressions. It takes less than five minutes, and is much cleaner than the old way. What happens is a laser takes pictures of each tooth and then makes a 3-D image, which is more accurate than a mold.

Make sure to ask your dentist if any of these options are available to you. So, maybe your next dentist visit can be a little more comfortable.




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