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Feb 16, 2013 6:13 PM by Lacey Steele

New town hall scheduled to discuss guns in Pueblo

A town hall meeting in Pueblo was meant to discuss foreclosures, but at first it got a little side tracked.

We went to the meeting where a large group of passionate gun owners gathered.

The town hall led by State Senator Angela Giron was a chance to discuss foreclosure.

About 50 people there to talk about gun control were not happy.

They're pro-second amendment.

"Do you believe in the Constitution?" said Richard Anglund, who's pro-second amendment. "Do you believe in the Bill of Rights? If so, what part of the second amendment do people not understand?"

They felt like it was their last chance to talk about the subject with their senator.

"The gun restricting bills have passed the initial vote in the House already, so they will be going to the Senate next week sometime," said Adam Head, who's pro-second amendment.

Senator Giron went along with her foreclosure meeting, which did not make many people happy, but she says she understands their concern.

"I'm going to setup another opportunity again to educate myself on the issues that I'm going to be voting on because this is not an issue that I personally have very much experience in," said Sen. Giron.

She does say she's pro-second amendment, but adds she needs time to focus on each bill individually.

"What I also think it's important to say is I don't think the second amendment supercedes every other one of our Constitutional rights specifically life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and so I have to weigh that," said Sen. Giron.

Some there say they're there for one reason.

"Just got to voice out opinions," said Head. "Got to let them know we're not going to stand for this stuff, and we're not going to follow unconstitutional laws either."

Almost all of them say they'll be back for the new meeting next weekend.

Senator Giron says she's confident these bills will not be voted on this week in the Senate, so that newly called meeting will be held next Saturday at ten in the morning at Rawlings Library off Abriendo in Pueblo.



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