Mar 24, 2012 4:42 PM by Matt Stafford

New Wescott firehouse dedicated to former Chief

Fire crews in northern El Paso County are settling into a new fire station. It's part of the Wescott Fire Protection District.

Staff say they came in "right on budget"; about two millions dollars. It was paid for through tax dollars. They say it wouldn't have been on budget, or finished this week, without a land donation from David and Mary Anne Wismer, who own the nearby Shamrock Ranch.

The new facility is being dedicated to the district's former chief, Jeffrey Edwards, who passed away last year from pancreatic cancer.

His family tells News 5 that building the new fire house was Chief Edwards' plan for several years.

"He would be very excited to have that shortened time frame, to have a fire house so centered in the main part of the district so that they can get to the people that need them," says Debbie Edwards, Chief Edwards' widow, standing alongside their children.

Crews say response times for the district will be about at least four to six minutes 80% of the time with this new station; six to eight minute response times 90% of the time. Those numbers came from studies conducted before the new station was built; once in operation they plan to look at the times again. They hope to have the fire house operational this week.

Chief Edwards' picture is already hanging inside the building for crews to see everyday.



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