Jan 10, 2011 7:40 PM by Stephanie Collins

New year, new job

For college grads and the unemployed getting a job is priority number one. So what can you do to try and land a position?

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs senior, and business major Becky Morey, currently works as a student assistant in the business college. She knows it won't be her job forever, "My dream is to open my own business, I know that's farther down the road, but I'm interested in the restaurant business," she says, but her immediate goal is just to find a job when she graduates in May.

Lisanne McNew helps students land internships and jobs, "Of course it's been difficult, as we all know, but I have seen that things are getting better," she says. McNew adds that many industries have started hiring: accounting, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government contractors, IT, retail, marketing and energy or green jobs.

To get a job, you just have to sell yourself, "Make sure you're demonstrating ways that you can be flexible, companies are looking for someone who can come in and wear multiple hats," says Karen Policastro with Robert Half International.

Policastro adds that you also need to head into the interview prepared, you can't just "wing it". Research the company and after the interview send a hand written thank you note as your follow up.

For students like Becky, internships are key to compete, "Employers are able to kind of test drive people and make sure those are the people they want in their business," says McNew.

While Becky is a little uncertain of what lies ahead she says she's staying optimistic.

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