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Jun 2, 2014 8:43 PM by Eric Ross

News 5 Investigates: Pitbull attack sparks fear among neighbors

Neighbors in one Colorado Springs neighborhood are afraid it's only a matter of time before a child gets injured after two pitbulls escaped from an owners yard, and attacked and killed a neighborhood dog.

The attack happened on Kirkwood Drive near Hancock Expressway and Milton E. Proby Parkway in May.

""They keep getting out over and over again and it's becoming unsafe and something is going to happen," neighbor Rebekah Ortiz said.

Ortiz' fear turned into reality less than a week after she says animal control officers came out to capture two pitbulls who had broken into a neighbors yard.

"Four days later is when the dogs got out, went into the neighborhood, pulled off fence planks, and killed another dog," Ortiz said.

Animal control officers came out yet again and took temporary custody of the dogs.

The story doesn't stop here.

"The dogs were taken on a friday morning," Ortiz said. "Saturday, I come out here and he's got three new full size pitbull mix dogs in his yard."

There were no signs of the dogs when our camera crew arrived on scene. However, damage was visible to the fence Ortiz and her neighbor share. She claims all the damage and holes in the fence are a result of the two pitbulls charging the fence to break through it.

"No dog is inherently dangerous," Vicki Gramm, a dog advocate said. ""Most dogs that do the attacking or that have the aggression are ones that have not properly been socialized or been to the vet."

We knocked on the owner's door to find out more about his dogs, but nobody appeared to be home. Meanwhile, neighbors are hoping the owner will take responsibility and fix his yard and fence before another dog or person gets hurt.

The two pitbulls who allegedly killed the neighborhood dog remain in the custody of animal control.

So far, animal control says they have not had any success in reaching the owner to serve him a summons.

The homeowner faces two counts of unlawful possession of a dangerous animal.
If the owner fails to respond, he could lose custody of his dogs permanently.

Code Enforcement does not regulate fencing. Holes in fences or dilapidated fences are regulated by Homeowners Associations. However, Ortiz' neighborhood is not part of an HOA.

Anytime you see a stray dog or dangerous dog roaming the street, do not approach it and call animal control immediately.



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