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Sep 4, 2013 10:03 PM by Eric Ross

News 5 Investigates: Water bill error causes headache for Falcon woman

A Falcon woman received quite the surprise when she received a $900 water bill. After the water company admitted it was a mistake, she says they did everything but fix the problem.

Dawn Brackrog moved into a home on the eastern side of El Paso County in the summer of 2012. With her xeriscaped front yard, she's big on water conservation and says she's never racked up a bill of more than $90 each month until recently.

"There's two of us living here and two dogs," Brackrog said. "There's no reason for our water bill to be so high."

In June, the Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District billed Dawn for using more than 28,000 gallons of water.

In July, she was billed for using more than 54,000 gallons.

In August, Dawn was billed for using just over 13,000 gallons.

On August 26, Dawn had a total due balance of $879.83.

Frustrated, Dawn called a woman at the water company with little success.

"She was completely unwilling to work with us," Dawn said. "I was asking her who I need to contact and what do we need to do to get this fixed and she basically said she didn't have that information and wouldn't give me any ideas on who to contact to get this resolved."

Dawn said she then contacted the builder, who got in touch with a man named Steve with Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District.

"He (Steve) went down and looked at the meter in the basement and discovered that the meter number on the basement meter does not match the meter number that we were being billed for," she said.

We got in contact with Steve, who prior to being advised not to speak with News 5, told us over the phone there were no leaks at Dawn's house and that it was a mistake on their end. Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District wouldn't tell us who's water bill Dawn had been receiving. They would only say that the water meter number and billing number did not match and this it was in the process of being corrected.

News 5 asked about the letter sent out last week threatening to cut off Dawn's water for non-payment. The water company said that too was a misunderstanding based on the incorrect bill they are in the process of fixing.

News 5 asked when Dawn's bill would be corrected, but received conflicting answers.

The district office in Greenwood Village told us the bill would be corrected immediately. The local office informed us the bill would be fixed by Friday.

After further investigation, Dawn confirmed the company made billing corrections Wednesday. She is still awaiting to see whether the billing account number has been corrected.

We'll continue to follow this story and update you as new information becomes available.

If you're having an issue with a water bill, you should first contact the billing company. If the problem still isn't resolved, contact the district office in writing.



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