Jun 8, 2014 2:13 AM by Zach Thaxton

News 5 obtains clear version of Maketa apology video

News 5 has obtained a clear version of a video in which El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa apologizes to his staff for "inappropriate behavior in the past" and then denying wrongdoing, compounding the problem.

The video was distributed to Sheriff's Office personnel last weekend and was leaked to a local newspaper in the form of a recording of the video on a separate screen.  Some of the audio was indiscernable without subtitles.  The copy obtained Saturday by News 5 is notably clearer.

In the video, Maketa first says, "I come before you embarrassed and humbled by the events of the last week," referring to revelations that he had affairs with three female subordinates amid accusations of sexual favoritism within the Sheriff's office.  Maketa vehemently denied intial reports of the affairs, but in the video confesses to indiscretions.

"I engaged in inappropriate behavior in the past and when confronted about that behavior, I denied it, thereby compounding the problem by not being candid," Maketa said in the video.  "I apologize for my behavior and not being forthright," he continues.

Maketa asks for forgiveness in the video as he asserts that he will reject calls for his resignation.  The Board of County Commissioners has twice called for his resignation, as have numerous Republican political allies.  Maketa says in the video that he intends to complete his final term in office.  "It is my intention in what remains in my term to do better each hour of each day," Maketa says.  "I cannot change the past, but I can take what I have learned and experienced and use it to better serve you and the comunity of El Paso County," he continues.

To watch the complete apology video, click here.

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