May 6, 2011 8:55 PM by Carolyn Carver

NF5: Shocking health code violations at school cafeterias

Is your school listed here?

After pouring over the past three health code inspections at local schools, we found some surprising and even "critical" violations at some El Paso County cafeterias.

Here are some that stuck out to us.

What did you find?

Carson Middle School: "Outer openings not protected against pests." "Eating, drinking, or smoking in non-designated areas"

Challenger Middle School: "Observed food handler put on apron and hat and not wash hands before putting on gloves and serve foods."

Discovery Canyon Campus High School: "Bare hand contact with ready to eat food. Employee noted grabbing cooked french fries with bare hands." "Observed student helper touch hair and hat multiple times with gloved hands and then touch food."  

Doherty High School: "Observed employee handle money with gloved hand and then touch food items (pizza and calzone) without changing gloves and washing hands."

Fountain Ft. Carson High School: "Several boxes of hamburgers and otehr food items are being stored directly on the floor in the walk-in cooler and freezer" "Waste storage: accessible to pests, improper construction, unclean, not on approved surface" "Several "clean" scoops in drawer have food debris build up."

Fountain Valley School: "Outer openings not protected against pests. Example: Back doors propped open without a tight-fitting screen door."

Globe Charter School: "Employee is not washing hands in between gloves use."

Holmes Jr. High School: Hygienic practices "Employees wearing same gloves when handling raw meats and ready-to-eat foods; employee wearing gloves performs cleaning duties, then returns to foodhandling while wearing same gloves, etc." "Observed insufficient final cooking time/temperatures{" "Inspector Comments: Chicken not heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, Sandwich cooler had potentially hazardous foods at greater than 41 degrees F, ie turkey slices at 46.1 degrees Fahrenheit, ham slices at 45.7 degrees F, and chicken salad at 46.1 degrees F."

Mesa Ridge High School: "Employee restroom lacking hand soap."

Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning "Observed employee not washing hands between tasks. Employee touched personal phone and then continued to serve food without washing hands or changing gloves."

Pine Creek High School: "Observed students involved in food handling touching hair, face, arms and cell phone while wearing single-use gloves. The gloves were not changed." "Employees not washing hands 1. upon entering the kitchen and 2. after pulling up pants. COS DECA teacher will train."

Sand Creek High School: "Chicken nuggets and hot dogs in the front hot hold are being covered by oven mitt cloths."

Sproul Jr. High School: "Bleach used on some fruits" Woodman Hills Elementary "Virex (not approved, caustic, hazardous substance) used to wipe off tables int eh cvafeteria."


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