N5N: News 5 Now

Your favorite local news and weather is always on!

For local news and weather 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, you can always turn to News 5 Now.  It's the kind of channel you'll want to visit for a quick check of the weather whenever you turn your TV on or just before you turn it off.


News 5 Now is in more homes than ever.  You might have it and not even know it!  N5N can be seen in all these places:

Free, over-the-air:  KOAA-TV broadcast subchannel (5-2)

Century Link (6)

Comcast: Colorado Springs (9) and Pueblo (247)

Cablevision: Canon City (7), Walsenburg (5), and La Junta/Lamar (14)

Baja Broadband: Fort Carson (23)

TVision: Colorado City and Rye (9)

Watching News 5 Now on 5-2 is a great option for digital broadcast viewers, as well as for satellite subscribers who don't want to pay to upgrade to local channels and instead watch them free, over-the-air. 

If you have a newer TV with a digital tuner built into it or if you have an older TV with a new converter box, you'll find local news and weather, 24/7, right next to KOAA-TV's main channel, which is on 5-1.

If you don't see channel 5-2, look for and use the "re-scan" function in the menu options of your TV or converter box.  This function tells your TV to search for all available channels - including N5N on 5-2.


News 5 Now: What You Get

You constantly get:

- Current time and current temperatures for Colorado Springs and Pueblo

- Live weather conditions from WeatherBug sites throughout the state of Colorado

- Constantly scrolling local, national, sports, and business news headlines, plus winning lotto numbers

The 10-minute programming cycle gives you:

:00 Local weather

:02 First Alert Doppler, traffic cameras

:03 National weather, including travel delays

:04 Outdoor weather by season (allergy and pollen report or ski report)

:06 More local weather

:07 Arrival and departure information from Colorado Springs Airport

At the bottom of every hour (:28), you get a one-minute local news update.

At the top of every hour (:58), you get a two-minute local news update.


News 5 Now: Newscast Replays

If you miss News First 5 at 5pm on weeknights on KOAA-TV, you can catch the entire newscast replayed for your convenience at 6:30pm on News 5 Now.  

If you miss News First 5 Weekend at 5:30pm on KOAA-TV, you can catch the entire newscast replayed for your convenience at 7pm on News First Now.


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