Feb 25, 2011 12:47 AM by Matt Stafford

No arrests in "extremely complex" investigation into dragging death

Colorado Springs Police say figuring out what caused 35-year old Allen Rose to drag to his death behind an SUV Wednesday is an extremely complex investigation. As of Thursday night no arrests have been made.

"We have a party that was pulled by a vehicle by chains on the roadway," dispatchers said on the scanner Wednesday.

Rose was attempting to attach cables to a vehicle at the Hill Park Apartments to tow it, when someone jumped in the vehicle and sped off. Witnesses say Rose's legs became entangled in the cables.

"He was signaling for the lady to stop, to let them know he was back there, but she just kept going," a witness told News first 5 at the scene Wednesday.

Police fanned out to try and locate the vehicle, and bring this nightmare to an end. Finally they came upon Rose's body, barely alive, but there was no vehicle in sight.

"I need medical, code 3," and officer relayed to dispatch. "This guy is turning white or gray."

Rose was transported to Memorial Hospital, but didn't survive.

The search for the SUV continued, finally spotted in a nearby neighborhood at Bridger Drive and Bridger Place.

Springs Police say they have questioned the driver of the vehicle, an adult female, but they say the investigation is ongoing.

"We have a 1,000 piece puzzle here and we have 1,000 pieces all over the place," described Sgt. Steve Noblitt on the scene Wednesday. "As we get more information we'll be able to put this puzzle together and fit pieces together."

In some of the information released by police Thursday was a statement from Colorado Springs Police Chief Richard Myers saying:

"We recognize how traumatic and emotional this matter is for our entire community; it is for our department members as well. However, the Criminal Justice System does not run on emotions or opinion; it requires evidence, facts, and ultimately decisions are made to charge based on law. We ask for the public's patience, empathy, and support as we work tirelessly and methodically to gather the evidence and facts, and work with our DA's Office to apply the appropriate law in this case. We join the entire community in mourning the senseless death of Mr. Rose".



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