Aug 1, 2014 11:37 PM by Matt Prichard

Numbers on the water encouraging

Operation Dry Water looking for drunk boating at the start of July and finding it, specifically at Lake Pueblo.

"For the most part our boaters here at Lake Pueblo State Park are law-abiding people just out wanting to have a good time. However we did have a few boating safety violations including one boating under the influence," said Park Manager, Brian Kerrigan.

That one BUI holds more water than you might think, since it was the only arrest made in Colorado during the campaign. And Kerrigan says that small statistic is a great sign for them. 

"I think it says that this Operation Dry Water campaign is getting out to the general public. And I think it's telling as to how effective this campaign is throughout the state and throughout the country," said Kerrigan.

Across Colorado, law enforcement handed out 49-citations, 403-warnings and made contact with over 7,000 boaters. And the effort certainly didn't go unnoticed in Pueblo as folks say rangers were out in force keeping the waterways safe.

"It can be really dangerous, they can drive reckless, hit other boats, other people in the water. And they do a fine job of patrolling that problem," said Pueblo resident, John Mangino.

"Not only are they preventing things from happening, but when things happen that are beyond any-body's control, they're there to help," said Pueblo resident, Mike Eerman.

Kerrigan of course says there's always room to do better, but looking at the three-day campaign as a whole, he's extremely happy with their efforts.

"The fact that we only had one BUI arrest is an achievement statewide, as to the success of the Operation Dry Water campaign," said Kerrigan.

The campaign is run each year and coordinators say they continue to up their hours, contacts, and citations. Something they hope is promoting boating safety throughout the state and the country.



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