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Oct 21, 2013 9:25 AM by Maddie Garrett

Obama to Address Health Care Glitches

President Barack Obama is scheduled to make an address at the White House Rose Garden, to address problems with the health care law's rollout. Since the Affordable Care Act launched a few weeks ago, the new government website,, has been plagued with glitches and problems as people try to sign up online.

In his first remarks on the issue Monday morning, President Obama is expected to call the glitches unacceptable, but insists Obamacare itself is working. He'll appear with small businesses, consumers and pharmacists at the address in the Rose Garden.

But it's unknown how many people have actually been able to enroll in the new health plans online. However, it's clear that millions have tried and were unable to.

To fix the problems with the website, the government is bringing in a team of tech experts. Over the weekend the White House said the website to sign up for health insurance has received 19 million visitors, with nearly half a million applications.

Democratic lawmakers weighing in, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pointed out, "19 million people, unique visits." And Senator Dick Durbin said, "That's an indication of national interest.

But Republicans continue to say that without knowing how many people have actually been able to enroll, those numbers are worthless.

"They've had three or four years here to get this ready. God only knows how much money they've spent. And it's a failure," said Republican Senator Mitch McConnell over the weekend.

Next week, House Republicans will hold a hearing on the problems that have prevented millions of people from signing up. Meanwhile, the President is set to hit the road in a campaign to get people to sign up.

Monday morning's address on the health care website is being called the "highest-profile" damage control measure yet by the Obama Administration.



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